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A non-partisan coalition of businesses committed to achieving nondiscrimination policies at the community and state levels in order to attract the best talent, to increase business-to-business & business-to-consumer relationships, and to grow Nebraska’s economy.

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Our Impact

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Nebraska Competes members are growing, thriving, and supporting their communities. Every few months, we look back at our members' celebrations and share them with you. Join us in celebrating their growth, news, and work over the last few months!

LGBTQ+ supportive businesses are thriving and receiving national attention. Nebraska Competes member A Novel Idea Bookstore was highlighted as 1 of 30 indie bookstores across the country by USA Today.

Nebraska Competes is proud to share and support the work of our members. Recently, Spreetail's employee inclusion networks selected new leadership. Read more in the news release:

  • Jay Wilkinson, Firespring
    Jay Wilkinson, Firespring

    "I can share from firsthand experience that there is nothing more important for a work team than building an environment where every person feels seen, heard and included. If we want Nebraska to thrive in the next decade and beyond, we must announce to the world that we believe in protecting every citizen from being denied jobs, housing, and services based upon their sexual orientation or gender identity."

  • Max Larsen
    Max Larsen

    "Everyone wins when employee diversity is embraced and honored. Inclusive work environments help keep employees engaged in the business’s mission. In turn, engaged employees help the business prosper through providing great services and building better products."

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