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BCom Solutions has joined the coalition, growing Nebraska Competes to 50 members across the state.

The Equality Act is right for our nation and right for our state. Read this op-ed from Lyn Wineman, president of Nebraska Competes member KidGlov, where she talks about how extending protections to LGBTQIA+ people is good for business and the right thing to do.

The Nebraska Competes coalition announces 14 new members, bringing us to 49 members across the state. These new members come from different business areas, including marketing, social services, software development, and professional cleaning.

PRESS RELEASE - (Omaha) Nebraska Competes has announced its first cohort of businesses.

PRESS RELEASE - (Lincoln) Nebraska Competes has announced its first cohort of businesses.

Supporting LGBT rights in Nebraska is good for business, good for our economy, and good for tourism. Together, we can change the perception of Nebraska into a place that's truly for everyone.

"After all, equality is not a Democratic or Republican value; it's an American value."
Abbi Swatsworth, director of OutNebraska, calls on Senators Sasse and Fischer stand up for all Nebraskans and support the common sense Equality Act legislation, which extends legal equality to LGBTQ+ people.

LGBTQA+ equality is a nonpartisan issue.
Check out the latest video from Freedom for All Americans. This video is part of their Conservatives Against Discrimination program, meant to show that supporting LGBTQA+ people through legal protections is a non-issue for conservatives.
We believe that Nebraska should be for everyone. We're happy to see conservatives across the nation agreeing that LGBTQA+ equality is something they can get behind.

Following the Supreme Court decision, Nebraska senators pass a resolution to affirm LGBT+ workers' rights. The resolution passed 28-8, with 13 senators not voting.

News comes that the US Supreme Court rules in favor of LGBT+ workers, saying they are protected under the law from workplace discrimination. But local legislatures must back-up the decision by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to state-wide employment discrimination law.

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